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Walk In Payment Service (WIPS)

Q: How do I get my Walk-In Payments System account number? These options are for residents of CARE Housing communities only. If you are not a CARE Housing resident, please contact your property management for your WIPS number. A: Contact your property management team or email [email protected] to request your Walk-In Payments System account number. Each resident responsible for payment will be issued a Walk-In Payments System account number. Account numbers must be presented during each transaction to ensure a secure payment to the correct account. B: You can login to your Rent Cafe account to find the WIPS Account Number under the Payment Accounts Tab. 

Q: How do I pay my rent with a Walk-In Payments System account number? A: Take your Walk-In Payments System account number or WIPS e-card to the customer service center of a participating location. Present your account number or WIPS e-card and cash payment at the participating location – Let the store associate know you want to make a “Bill Payment". The biller name is WIPS Rent Payments. You will need to know the amount due and include any additional fees owed at the time of the transaction. Your Walk-In Payments System account number must be presented at time of payment to ensure secure and proper payment to correct account. Proof of payment will be provided upon completion. A government issued photo identification document may be required at some locations.

Q: How do I find additional participating locations? A: Go to In the “Please select Biller” drop-down menu, select WIPS Rent Payments and enter your zip code and type in the user authentication code displayed on the screen to see a list of participating locations in your area. Note: Walmart and King Soopers accept Walk-In Payments System Rent Payments.

Q: How do I make sure I pay the right amount and avoid late fees? A: To use Walk-In Payments System without being charged late fees, please make sure you submit payment for the exact balance reflected on your payment portal (RentCafe) month, plus the transaction fee, by 4 p.m. MST on your rent due date.

Q: Are there any additional costs for using my Walk-In Payments System account number? A: There is a small transaction fee each time you make a payment using the Walk-In Payments System. Contact the participating agent location for specific details.

Q: Are same day payments available? A: Payments will be credited the same day you make a payment at a participating location by 4 p.m. MST. Check with your property management team for additional information regarding payment timing and late fees.