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Resident Services

Eviction Prevention Program (EPP)

EPP is designed to help CARE Housing residents achieve housing stability. This program can be beneficial to residents seeking budgeting assistance and payment plans for outstanding rent balances and help avoid eviction for other lease violations. Participants must be a resident with CARE Housing for at least 3 months. To enroll you must fill out required documents and schedule a meeting with resident services staff. For more information please contact your property manager or resident services staff.

Sister Mary Alice Fund (SMA)

The Sister Mary Alice Fund is a grant that is provided when a household needs emergency assistance to stabilize their current situation. Such as being laid off, decreased work hours, medical bills, automobile assistance etc. Residents may be asked to provide evidence of financial hardship. The maximum award per household is $300. To apply, an application must be submitted to the Director of Resident Services. During tenancy at CARE Housing, residents may receive funds once per 6-month period a max of 3 times.

Youth Program

In 2019, CARE Housing ran a pilot youth program at our Swallow location with the goal of expanding to other properties in the future. The program is designed to be fun and educational, without feeling like school. The activities are planned based off parents and child’s interests, which included enjoying a snack, indoor/outdoor games, crafts, and cooking. 
CARE Housing has partnered with The Matthew’s House to offer youth programing at our Fort Collins property club houses. Homework Helpers is a twice weekly program from 4-6pm. It is a free after school program for kindergarten through 8th grade that helps students academically and also connects them with other students in their community through fun activities. For more information on the program or to sign up, please contact resident services.


CARE Housing strives to build community and give back to their residents. Some of CARE’s events include:

  • Summer BBQs: Community events at many of our properties, activities include: food trucks, lemonade stand, face paint, and games
  • Halloween Party: Pumpkin decorating, trick or treat bag decorating, and Halloween themed snacks
  • Holiday party: CARE Partners with Neighbor to Neighbor and Toys for Tots to provide an awesome event for residents. The event includes snacks, a face painter,

Community Gardens

Gardening plots are available May 1st- October 31st (dependent on weather). Gardening plots can be used to grow vegetables, flowers, or herbs for personal use. Please contact resident services to reserve a gardening plot.


Resident Services has a monthly newsletter. The newsletter includes messages from staff, CARE Housing and community events, and resources. If you are not currently receiving the newsletter, please contact resident services staff to be added to the list!