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Steve Kuehneman

Executive Director

(970) 829-1606

[email protected]




Bob Pawlikowski
Director of Finance

(970) 829-1607

[email protected]

Chaundra Mucha
(970) 829-1604

[email protected]

Human Resources & Administration

Debi Triplett
Director of Human Resources and Administration

(970) 829-1610

[email protected]

Sally Thill
Administrative Assistant
(970) 829-1608

[email protected]


Property Management & Operations


Jacki Kurchinski
Director of Property Management and Operations

(970) 829-1602

[email protected]

Angel Gonzalez
Maintenance Manager

(970) 631-4445

[email protected]

Jenn Holm
Property Manager ll

Krystal Rowland
Property Manager l

(970) 829-1611
[email protected]

Erin Becker
Lead Maintenance Technician

Josh Stallmann
Maintenance Technician II

Weston Stallings
Maintenance Technician l

Housing Development


Kim Iwanski
Director of Housing Development

[email protected]

Tatiana Zentner

Housing Development Project Manager

(970) 829-1609
[email protected]

Resident Services


Yaz Juneau
Director of Resident Services

(970) 829-1612

[email protected]