Call us : (970) 282-7522

Effective March 11th

CARE Housing’s Swallow Road office is temporarily CLOSED due to construction. A temporary drop box has been relocated to the WINDTRAIL property, located at 2120 Bridgefield Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80526.
The drop box is located by the front door of the Windtrail Clubhouse.


Property Management and Maintenance operations

Services are accesable online, via telephone, and by appointment only. Please schedule appointments directly with the staff member you would like to meet with.

  • Our main office can be reached at (970) 282-7522 or [email protected]
    • For Greenbriar, Swallow, and Windtrail residents, please contact Tatiana at (970) 282-7522, option 3 or [email protected]
    • For Provincetowne, Fairbrooke, and Eagle Tree residents, please contact Krystal at (970) 282-7522, option 2 or [email protected]
    • For Cottonwood residents, please contact Jacki at (970) 282-7522, option 1 or [email protected]
  • Paperwork and documents can be dropped off in the drop box at 1303 W. Swallow Rd. Building 11. 
  • Maintenance requests can be placed at (970) 282-7522 or [email protected] 

Community Clubhouses

For more information about reserving a clubhouse, please contact the main office at (970) 282-7522 or [email protected] Please see below for any clubhouse closures or specific availability restrictions.

  • The Swallow and Provincetowne clubhouses are temporarily unavailble for reservations.
  • The clubhouse at Windtrail is available for reservations on Saturdays and Sundays only until further notice.